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Review: Tarte Brazillience Self Tanner

It was an exciting time earlier this month, pre-wedding phase! I got married on September 7th in Vancouver, and husband and I moved from Alberta back to Vancouver just the week before. I had zero time to ‘test’ out a spray tan at a salon, so I did some research on a natural looking self-tanner that would do the trick to give me a fabulous wedding glow.

What seemed to have the best reviews and a fair price was the Tarte Brazillience Skin Rejuvenating Maracuja Face And Body Self Tanner (what a name!)

Tarte Brazillience Self Tanner

This self tanner retails for $37 at Sephora, comes with an application mitt and contains 5.5 oz of product. The packaging is GORGEOUS, I’m going to have a hard time throwing it away when it’s all gone!

It smells pretty nice as far as self tanners go, and does feel moisturizing as promised. The mitt is the secret to success with this self tanner, it makes is 10x easier to apply and saves the mess of washing your hands after so your hands can actually keep colour too.

Tarte Brazillience Self Tanner

As pictured above this does have a colour guard, which I like for ease of application. You can SEE where you’ve applied it and gain a bit of tan instantly. After a couple hours the self tanner activates to achieve the full bronzed effect, and looks very natural – NOT orange.

On my wedding day


*Photography by Pink Lotus


This is me on my wedding day (hard to tell eh? LOL) and I had just enough colour to look healthy and glowy, but not so tan that it would make my husband look washed out. I have been so pleased with the results, and will continue to use the Tarte self tanner! I apply about every 3 days to maintain a tan :)

Overall, I give it a 9/10. My only wish is that it would last longer in between applications. What self tanner do you swear by?









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