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Days 8 + 9

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I should probably mention, if I haven’t made this clear before, I have NOT been following the exact meal plan on my journey. I have been following the rules for sure, and making meals from the plan, but I don’t think  I’ve had one day where I’ve eaten everything that was laid suggested. I mix things around based on what’s affordable and what Future Husband and I feel like making… and I change and add the the recipes ALL THE TIME because eating delicious food is really important to me, I hope it is for you too!

One very cool observation I’ve made thus far in my strict Paleo March journey is how much sweeter certain things are to me now that I’ve cut out a lot of sugary stuff in my diet (honey, maple syrup, most fruit, etc). I had a spoon of unsweetened applesauce, something I would normally add some honey to (and cream + cinnamon to make a really yummy dessert) tasted plenty sweet on it’s own. It was really good to tell you the truth. The same with veggies like beets and sweet potatoes, I really notice the natural sweetness to them now (and enjoy them so much more!). I’ve read about this happening to folks on the 21 Day Sugar Detox and The Whole 30, of course been skeptical,  but now I BELIEVE!

Day 8:

Breakfast: Usual 2 Hard Boiled Eggs, Roasted Veggies with Sausage on a bed of Spinach + Kale

Lunch: Turkey Roll Ups with Avocado, Bell Pepper and Cucumber. Had some Butternut Squash Soup also to fill me up!

Dinner: Butter Chicken!

Butter Chicken

Hands down, the best Butter Chicken I have EVER made at home. SO GOOD.

I got the recipe from the Everyday Paleo cookbook by Sarah Fragoso. I can’t tell you enough how much I loved this, so so so so so good! Right now I am wishing I had some left to munch on… you will for sure see a repeat of this meal later this week.

Day 9

Breakfast: Peach, Pecan Scramble with Bacon

Peach Pecan Scramble

Sounds like a cool recipe, right? Not so much.

I was geninely excited for this breakfast. This is a meal plan recipe, Robb said it would be good… but it really wasn’t for me. I followed the recipe but in the end wished I just left the sauteed Peaches and Pecans alone, fried and egg, and used the delicious peach and pecans like of like a salsa on the side. As a scramble I just didn’t enjoy it, Future Husband turned his nose to it after a couple bites. I begrudgingly finished my plate and reminded myself to NOT do that one again.

Oh well, it was nice to have some fruit for a treat, and the bacon was delightful!



For Lunch (which is more of a snack for me on weekends cause I sleep in) was some leftover Butter Chicken, and half an apple with macadamia nut butter. (Thank god for macadamia nuts! SO GOOD)

Dinner: Fried Pork Chops and Bacon Cabbage

Fried Pork Chops

Just some basic pork chops, friend in paprika and garlic powder, served with some applesauce.

Pork Chops and Bacon Cabbage

There’s some of that bacon cabbage with a half eaten pork chop. Awesome success.

I modified the bacon cabbage from a recipe in Everyday Paleo, left out the mustard and vinegar she used cause I forgot… still amazing. I ate so much of that bacon cabbage, no regrets. And yes, we had bacon twice in one day. That’s what weekends are for!

Day 8 + 9 Thoughts:

Ate some fabulous food these past couple days, really getting in the swing of this! Learning how to curb my hunger cravings with good foods rather than by making a dessert and feeling good about my choices too!

Was tempted to pull out the measuring ribbon to see if I’ve made any progress, but I held back on that and did not. Had a bit more fruit than I would like to have on Day 8 but I’m not going to beat myself up about it since it’s the weekend, and it’s god damned fruit. I did a lot of house cleaning that day, so I definitely deserved it!

That’s all for now, I’ll be back soon!

xo BB





Days 6 + 7

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Woooo day 7! This is EASY! It really is! Eating good food and feeling GREAT, can’t complain.

One Paleo ingredient I’ve really warmed up to is Coconut Milk. It used to be something I’d use to make a… Coconut Curry! I’ve also added it to some smoothies but never figured out how to use it right… which sounds stupid but whatever.

Then on the weekend I tried some in my coffee (cause Future Husband and I made New Orleans style coffee with chicory . SO GOOD. Then I tried some that had been in the fridge, so it was firm like whipped cream. SO GOOD. Now I love it, and feel more comfortable using it EVERWHERE. Screw Almond Milk, and watered down coconut milk in a tetra-pack. I want more fats!

Today’s meals were kick ass:

Breakfast: Mixed Roasted Veggies with Sausage on a bed of spinach/kale + 2 hard boiled eggs.

Roasted Mixed Veggies with Sausage

Broccoli, Beets, Sweet Potato, Radishes, Peas, Onion, Pepper, and Sausage! SOOOOOOOO GOOOOD!

I made a huge batch of this on Day 5 evening (Tuesday) and packed the finished product in the fridge to make mornings super quick. Just put down the spinach/kale, scoop on some roasted awesomeness. Nuke for about 1.5 mins, peel the hard boiled eggs and EAT IT. If I had to eat these veggies with every meal for a month I would not complain once. So much love.

Lunch: Deli Turkey Wraps with avocado, cucumber and red pepper!

Paleo Turkey Wraps

Who said you can’t have wraps made of MEAT?!? These were really good, definite repeat meal.

Dinner: Turkey Curry Stirfry + Asparagus with balsamic vinegar and olive oil

Curried Turkey Stir Fry

Curry 3 times a week is A-OK in this household!

Sorry if that photo was a little too close up for comfort haha. We had some more turkey to work with, so I worked with it!

I also had some Butternut Squash Soup as a backup lunch add on if I still felt hungry. Made with homemade broth, squash, onion, some spices… that’s it! Super delicious, thought it would need coconut cream but it didn’t! BONUS


Breakfast: Old Faithful (Roasted veggies, hard boiled eggs on kale and spinach)

Lunch: Leftover Turkey Curry Stirfry + Asparagus  I used my Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing on the Asparagus @ work, and it turned out beautifully.

Dinner: Roasted Chicken with Onion, Avocado and Sweet Potato. So simple, so delicious

Day 7 Reflections:

I went to the dentist today to get some fillings… filled. Groan. Of Top Ten Things I absolutely HATE doing, the dentist is probably in the top 3. He’s a nice guy, it went as well as it possibly could have, but I’ve had soooo many fillings in my lifetime (probably over 40) that I’m pretty sick of needles in my mouth. Enough already. I have shitty enamel, that’s what it boils down to. I know, at least I have the luxury of anesthesia, but still. It SUCKS BALLS.

It was also embarrassing not being able to speak properly as I was leaving because my tongue was completely swollen so I sounded like I had a ridiculously bad lisp, or was disabled. No offence to those groups in society, but it was a humbling experience. We really take for granted how lucky we are to have all our little body pieces put together in a ‘normal’ fashion. I was happy to come home to Future Husband who I know will still love me even if I sound a bit crazy. I like him.

As far as PALEO reflections go, I’m feeling good! Good energy, eating good food, dealing with less snacking much better.

Tomorrow is Friday, so I am excited to power through the day and kick off THE WEEKEND! Who’s with me?!

I’ll be back with a Day 8 + 9 update.

xo BB

Days 4 + 5

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Here’s something I thought about now that I’m a few days into Paleo March – The Wild Rose Detox.

It’s a 12 day program where you take a couple different kinds of ‘supplements’ 3-2 times a day. You also follow a restricted meal plan with is 20% acid forming foods (meat, legumes, eggs) and 80% alkali forming foods (veggies, rice, etc). No dairy, no wheat flour, no tropical fruits, no sweets… there’s a list of dos and don’ts that comes with the kit. The diet limitations are kind of similar to Paleo… kind of… not really. The lack of protein troubles me.

Wild Rose Detox

It looks like they’ve updated the packaging, very pretty! Still, would never recommend it nor would I do it again.

You’ve probably heard about it from a friend, maybe seen it in the drug store OR even done it yourself!  I have done it… twice! Ugh, I know. I believe it was my second time around doing the Detox, hoping to drop some weight before going to Mexico or something and I thought to myself “I feel like absolute shit. Why am I doing this?!?!” I know the idea is you’re ridding your body of all the evil toxins, which shouldn’t be fun, but let’s be honest here. Shitting my brains out for 12 days isn’t the answer.

So I went online to the Wild Rose website and read some comments people had left, and was totally floored. I looked back just now and they seem to have changed their packaging, and the website is different BUT there was a long line of people who wrote about going to the doctor and asking about it, or that were in the midst of the Detox. Apparently it can dramatically lower your white blood cell count, and the doctors did NOT suggest embarking in a boxed detox. Eating natural, unprocessed foods for a period is the way to go if you’re looking to clean out your system.

It was enough to make me halt the program, and just focus on eating well. I keep a couple of the ‘Laxaherb’ and ‘Clensaherb’ tablets on hand for when I’m constipated, and they work like a charm. True story.

Anyway, I have NOT had any adverse effects from the meal plan so far! I’m glad I’ve found myself here :)

Breakfast: 2 hard boiled eggs, leftover sweet potato hash + handful of almonds

Lunch: Leftover Spaghetti Squash Spaghetti, Spring mix salad with peppers, avocado  cucumber and homemade balsamic vinaigrette dressing.

Dinner: Curried Chicken Stirfry! (I accidentally deleted the photo of this…sorry friend)

(Literally stir fry veggie mix, chicken, onion, curry powder, cumin, light olive oil in a skillet. Added some coconut milk at the end. Delish!)

Day 5 Thoughts: I am definitely drinking more water, which I like! I have also adopted afternoon tea time, which is good way to stave off afternoon snacking and have something warm and delicious! My current fav has been Jasmine Green Tea by Stash, I’ll have to poke around for some other flavors  I love loose leaf teas, but I’m far to lazy at work to go to the trouble… so tea bags it is!

Feeling waaayyy less bloated too now that I’ve cut out dairy. I was skeptical about not having my cheese, butter, whipping cream etc but now I am seeing that it’s probably best I limit my dairy intake to something like twice a week. I also enjoy foods I normally add cheese too just fine without, so that is a plus!

Some new meals tomorrow, I promise!

xo BB


Days 2 + 3

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Wow, I do love weekends. I get to be lazy, sleep in, take care of errands… I just love having 2 WHOLE days to take care of biznass. I’ve had a lot of jobs that were on weekends so to finally work Mon-Fri like a regular schmo makes me glow with the brightness of a thousand suns! (Maybe a slight exaggeration…)

This weekend I attacked my 30 Day Paleo Meal Plan head on, although I made some adjustments to the recipes to make them… more delicious! Of course all Paleo friendly adjustments. Saturday looked like this:

Breakfast: Turkey Apple Hash!

Turkey Apple Hash

Turkey Apple Hash!

Lunch (more like a snack cause I slept in until 11:20!): Cucumber + handful of pecans and cashews. Use the power of your mind to muster up that attractive image.

Dinner: Curried Broccolli Slaw + Chicken

Curried Broccoli Slaw with Chicken

Broccoli Slaw really is at it’s best when cooked…

Post Dinner Snack: Some leftover Turkey Apple Hash

Saturday Afterthoughts: The Apple in the breakfast hash is one of the few times I’ll incorporate fruit in… fat loss is a goal so I need to watch my sugar intake. The Apple Hash was OK out of the pan, I cooked it in coconut oil and added some cinnamon and nutmeg. However, I really liked it as a snack and as a post workout dose of protein and carbs (which you’ll see on the Sunday rundown). I’ll definitely be making  it again, maybe with shredded beets and use a mix of butter and coconut oil.

As for the Broccoli Slaw, I added waaayy more spices than suggested in the recipe and a bit of coconut milk. It was a great meal, and relatively easy!

Sunday’s Food:

Breakfast: Sweet Potato Hash, Bacon + 2 eggs

Sweet Potato Hash

Cooked these bad boys in bacon grease, soooo good!

Lunch/Post workout meal: Leftover Turkey Apple Hash, handful of almonds

Dinner: Pork Patties + avocado + roasted root veggies (Beets, Sweet Potato, Yellow Pepper, broccoli)

Pork Burgers with Avacado

I also amped up this recipe, mixed in onion, green pepper, and 2 eggs with the ground pork. Fried em up, they were a hit!

Sunday Afterthoughts: Breakfast was DELICIOUS. I made the bacon, then cooked the hash (sweet potato and onions) in the bacon grease. YUM. I was meant to have a Western Omelette and the hash but I didn’t have any peppers to put in the omelette .. and the idea of eating an omelette without cheese or ketchup seemed like a crime.

You don’t understand. I LOVE ketchup. I carry one of those little ‘sample’ sized bottles with me everywhere in case of emergency where there is no ketchup for my burger, fries, omelette,  whatever. I’ve been surviving pretty well without, but I do miss it.

For the pork burgers I adjusted the ingredients a bit from Robb’s recipe in The Paleo Solution. I use a finely chopped onion, half a green pepper finely chopped, a bunch of spices, and 2 eggs. Make patties, fry in skillet on low. Boom: delicious burgers. Future husband said we should make them more often, and I think that’s a fantastic idea! I’m always thrilled when I’ve made something he really enjoys that is Paleo friendly.

Tomorrow is going to be filled with some more leftovers, but Tuesday I will whip up some fresh meal plan meals. I love trying new things! I need to branch out veggie wise though and pick up some different stuff (asparagus, leeks, eggplant!)

Yes, I get excited about veggies. What can I say, I’m a simple creature!

xo BB