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Days 16+17

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Well, this weekend has it’s first eating out hurdle…have to be honest, I was a wee bit stressed out about that. Let’s see how I did!

Day 16 (Saturday)

Breakfast: Hash with Chorizo sausage, green pepper, leek, zucchini and eggs. Yum Yum!

Breakfast Hash

I’m telling you, breakfast hash is the way to go!

Lunch: 2 locally made organic hot dogs (I shit you not, these were unreal!) and a bunch of raw veggies. Sorry, no hot dog pics. I was really excited.

Big Plate O'Veggies

Can’t complain about these options for lunch!

Dinner: Shepherds Pie, green salad with tomato, cucumber and lettuce

There were regular potatoes used for the Shepherds Pie, which are not ideal for Paleo, but I only ate a wee bit of it (cause it was seasoned so well) and ate mostly meat. I’m sure many aspects of this meal were not Paleo compliant, however I did the best I could given the situation. I wasn’t about to bring my own food to this event, and I had to be there early therefore couldn’t just eat ahead.

I know, excuses, excuses, but this is real life! And I made the most of the situation, and did not drink alcohol, juice or soda, did not have dessert, buns or any other options that were very obvious no nos. I was a pillar of self control, haha.

Day 17 (Sunday)

Breakfast: Kitchen Sink Hash – Sweet Potato, onion, chorizo sausage, orange pepper, zucchini  spinach and eggs. Major hit. Grating up the sweet potato makes like so much easier! IT cooks in a flash, absorbed the fats and flavors really nicely. Future Husband literally INHALED this breakfast – a very good sign.


Hash Extraordinaire

Can’t stress enough, this is a new weekend favourite.

I can’t get enough of these sausages I bought at a local meat place. I will for sure be back for more! The quality is second to none, and the value is waaayy better than the ‘naturals’ brand at the grocery store.

Lunch/Post Workout Snack: Leftover roast beets, leeks and asparagus with nitrate free ham. A couple carrots and some cucumber too.

To-Go Post workout meal

Post work out snack, still delish even though it’s cold :)

Dinner: Lettuce wrap Tacos with avocado and salsa. ( I cooked mushrooms, green pepper and onion with the hamburger AND made my own taco seasoning. Seriously, never buy that crap in the bag again. Here’s a link to the recipe I used)

Lettuce leaf tacos

I much prefer tacos in a lettuce wrap, still finger food minus the empty carbs!

Made a new fritatta tonight too for breakfasts for the next couple days, Italian sausage this time with spinach, kale, sweet potato, leek and orange pepper.I am confident it will be another amazing breakfast option, I actually can’t wait!

Weekend Successes:

-Ate out without compromising my Paleo March. Managed to hold off on dessert which isn’t easy when there’s 500 little chocolate cake things just waiting to be taken! (It was buffet style dinner @ the event I was MCing).

-Continuing to try new meals rather than reverting back to old faithfuls. I’m a creature of habit, so this is a success for me despite how lame it may sound.

-Feeling good!

I’ll be back in a couple :)

xo BB


Days 14 + 15

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WOW! I made it half way! Fricken awesome.

What’s super cool about this point in the strict Paleo March, Whole 30, whatever, is that I have SLAYED THE SUGAR DRAGON!!!


It’s a dragon… literally made of sugar. And yes, I slayed it!

I have to admit, I was having some on and off sweets/carb cravings over the past 2 weeks. It doesn’t help that Easter is on the way and there’s chocolate bunnies and eggs left right and center BUT I was often having 2 servings of fruit a day, a treat after dinner (Almond butter banana cups, coconut + cocoa macaroons, applesauce etc). I do love my sweets, but I’m at a point right now where I don’t crave them AND don’t feel deprived.

It’s an accomplishment I think! Better to allow myself those types of treats once in a while rather than most evenings :). There’s a 21 Day Sugar Detox a lot of Paleo minded folks tackle too if you want to check that out, some awesome recipes there too!

Day 14 (Thursday)

Breakfast: Chorizo Fritatta

Lunch: Leftover Butter Chicken

Dinner: Beef and veggie soup, half a pork chop

Day 15 (Friday)

Breakfast: Little piece of Chorizo Fritatta, hard boiled egg + coffee with coconut milk

*I have coffee with coconut milk most days, however today I put a pretty healthy dose coconut milk in my mug today, more than usual, so I’m counting it as part of brekky*

Lunch: Leftover Butter Chicken

Snack: Veggie plate (cauliflower, avocado, carrots, broccoli) Pepperoni stick, handful of nuts.

Also had a Vanilla Rooibos Tea from Starbucks today when Future Husband and I went to visit an old friend from college (BCIT). It has this natural sweetness to it, mmmm I love it! I’m going to pick some vanilla rooibos tea up from Superstore next time I shop, hopefully it will have a similar flavor.

Dinner; Leftover Italian Chicken, Roasted Asparagus with Beets and Leeks!

Roasted Asparagus etc

My roasted veggies over the leftover Italian Chicken.

Halfway Mark reflections:

I am feeling good! I feel a little silly that I’ve strayed away from Robb’s set out “PLAN”, but this is my path to a Paleo March! I have been using his recipes just in different order, and often modified to my tastes, what’s on hand, etc. This is what real life is about anyway! You don’t always have someone to lay out what you should eat, you need to figure a lot out on your own.

Successes: Drinking more water, No Sweets, VERY limited fruit, Varied Breakfasts

Things to Work On: Watch how many nuts I eat, making sure my meals are big enough

It is very tempting to jump on the scale or measure myself but I won’t! I’m confident there will be some good changes at the end of the month :)

Tomorrow will be interesting since I’m eating out a bit, I will let you know how it turns out.

xo BB

Days 12 + 13

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I must say, you have to be a bit brave and very sure of yourself to be paleo. And I say ‘be’ paleo because I really do feel it is a way of life more so than a diet.

Future husband and I often joke that it’s like a religion to me, and Robb Wolf is the Jesus. Praise Robb Wolf!

I say you have to be brave though because your new version of healthy eating is far from what conventional wisdom tells you to eat. What about wheat? What about beans? What about dairy? People have a hard time swallowing the pill that grains are not essential to good health, but rather to many people that are detrimental. This is something I encounter in the workplace the most, which I’m sure you do too if you also follow paleo.

I don’t want to go into a rant about how I don’t agree with the whole grain, low fat bs… I just want to say that you are a bit vulnerable when you do something different from the norm, and it’s important to be firm in your beliefs of what is good for you and not let judgments from others make you feel uncertain or uncomfortable with your choices :) This goes way beyond just choosing to eat paleo… but I’ve definitely learned a lot on that journey alone!

If you have a story about someone challenging your lifestyle choices please share! I would LOVE to hear.

Day 12 (Tuesday)

Breakfast: Regular roasted veggies with sausage and hard boiled eggs.

This is my last serving of this, making a NEW breakfast item tonight :)

Lunch: Leftover Sole fillets and roasted broccoli and cauliflower

Snack: Honey Garlic Pepperoni. Sweet Baby Jesus (aka Robb Wolf haha). This was some bad ass pepperoni  I trekked up to a local butcher/meat place and picked up italian sausage, chorizo sausage, back bacon and pepperoni. All gluten and nitrate free. Amazing.

honey garlic pepperoni

No other pepperoni will compare. Keeping this package at the fridge at work for snacks.

Dinner: Italian Chicken Thighs with Artichokes, Onion and Diced Tomato

Italian Chicken

I kinda made this recipe up on my own, baked the chicken etc in extra virgin olive oil, garlic and italian herbs. Came out pretty good!

Today I saw on Twitter a post about Paleo friendly snack bars – Newbodi Slo Carb Ones.

I am intrigued to say the least. Definitely thinking about recreating some of these once I’m finished my 30 days as something to keep in my truck for on the go when I need a snack…. The ingredients are posted on the website so I’m sure with the guidance of other paleo bar type recipes I can whip up a knock-off.

Oh! I also made my first Fritatta tonight!

Chorizo Fritatta

Check it out! It’s a glorious thing.

This is an adventure into the unknown. A Fritatta is essentially a quiche that is more about the meat, and less about the cheese… I think? I used Sarah Fragoso’s recipie – I have been looking at her website more and more now that I’ve made her Butter Chicken. She know what’s up with making delicious Paleo meals.

I used Chorizo sausage, sweet potato, red pepper and leek in this bad boy. It smells divine, looks good, must be delish right?

Portioned Fritatta

Check out my classy portioning technique! Ziplock bags FTW.

Day 13 (Wednesday)

Breakfast: Chorizo Fritatta.

It was an incredible success. So so so so so good. I was a little worried that the chorizo would be too spicy for me, but it turned out beautifully. Future Husband gave it 2 thumbs up. The sausage and shredded sweet potato made a really nice crust.

Lunch: Leftover Italian Chicken! Yum yum

This was strange, but I started to not feel so good at about 3:30ish in the afternoon. Like nauseous. Not sure if it was a funny piece of chicken or what, but I was having major doubts if I should go to spin class after work. I went anyway and told myself if I had to leave early it wouldn’t be the end of the world.

I’m really glad I went though! I had an awesome class, pushed myself, left sweaty and happy. I think I just needed to push through my strange wave of unwellness.


Butter Chicken

Hands down, the best Butter Chicken I have EVER made at home. SO GOOD.

We re-created the classic, but did a double batch this time. Came out perfect. Even better according to Future Husband since I added a little extra curry powder.

Couldn’t be more excited for breakfast and lunch tomorrow! More fritatta and butter chicken – yes please!

xo BB

Days 10 + 11

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If you’re like me on the weekend and tend eat breakfast and laze around for a while before  heading out and hitting the gym – here’s a tip: Put on your gym clothes well ahead of going rather than staying in PJs till 3pm. This helps me stay committed to going to the gym rather than gradually getting lazier and lazier to the point where I’m talking myself out of going. Not good.


Gym Outfit

I’m suited up and ready to go! Don’t mind the fridge drawings, Future Husband and I draw messages to each other all the time…many of them are a bit weird.

No make-up here. I never put on make up just to go to the gym. I’m not out to impress anyone other than myself, and just by showing up I’m doing that haha.

Also, I prefer to go to the gym THEN run errands. I tend to lose steam driving around here and there, I’d much rather put that energy towards my work out and then let my endorphins post-work out fuel my shopping.

Just remember to bring along a post work out snack (Protein!!!) to eat afterwards. So essential. Last thing you need is to forget, then get super hungry and looking longingly at the Starbucks, making an excuse to get a sugary drink and a sugary snack!. So much for you work out! Give your body something healthy and balanced instead :)

Day 10 (Sunday)

Breakfast: 2 Fried Eggs, Veggie Stir Fry (Green Pepper, Onion, Sweet Potato, Spinach)

Breakfast Stir Fry

Went easy on the sweet potatoes in this one, it worked out well!

Lunch: Leftover Butter Chicken on greens. Wow. Have to make this again this week!

Dinner: Leftover Pork Chops with Beef and Veggie Soup made by Future Husband. The more meat the merrier! Delicious as usual.

I do lots of meal prep on Sunday nights, hard boil a bunch of eggs, portion stuff out and try and be prepared! It’s those moments when you’re not prepared that you end of compromising and that is simply not the point of this month long journey!

Yes, I’m a bit crazy.


Day 11 (Monday)

Breakfast: Beets, Radishes, Sausage, Broccoli, Sweet Potato and Onion on spinach with 2 hard boiled eggs. I really love this breakfast, but I’m forcing myself to try something new later this week. Promise!

Breakfast Veggies

I’ll put a picture of it up again in case you forgot what it looks like… LOL

Lunch: Leftover Beef and Veggie Soup

Beef and Veggie Soup

Homemade broth really is the way to go, I’ll post soon on how we do it. It’s so easy and so so so nutritious.

Snack: Half an avocado, celery sticks and a handful of almonds.

Dinner: Sole Fillets with roasted cauliflower and broccoli

Sole filets + Broccoli and Cauliflower

A bit on the bland side, but it did the trick! Gotta get those Omega 3s, AND this meal finished up a big bag of frozen Sole I’ve had for a while. Picking up some salmon next grocery shop to switch it up.

I used to go to my spin class on Mondays right after work but instead I’m going to Hot Yoga Monday evenings and hitting Spin on Wednesdays. Mentally, this is so much better for me. I can start the week without feeling rushed, and I normally sleep soooo well Monday nights since I come home so relaxed, shower, and go directly to bed. I feel like I’m getting off on the right foot for the week this way.

Proper sleep is an important aspect of paleo, and managing the stresses of your life. That can often be a factor that’s limiting you from achieving your weight loss, fitness, or health goals. Stress can push you to overeat the wrong foods, and put your hormones out of whack. Then you lose sleep, don’t feed yourself properly, it’s a vicious cycle. We’ve all been there at one point or another, but hopefully we can learn from our more stressful times and manage accordingly :)

Keep Calm and Eat Paleo


Future Husband always says something that has really helped me – “Lower your expectations”. I’ll just leave you with that for now :) What are some of your favourite inspirational quotes?

Hope your week is off to a great start as well!


xo BB