Paleo March – The End

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Wow, what a month!

Just to recap in case you’re just joining in here, for the Month of March I had myself a Whole 30/strict paleo experience. No dairy. No legumes. No grains. No treats.

I was a bit nervous as I went to measure myself again… I thought “What if I stay the same?!”. Haha, absolutely not the case.

Lost an inch around my waist, half an inch on my hips, a little bit around my thighs. My final weigh in was 147lbs, which is actually the very same as the beginning of the month… so I think it’s safe to say I gained  some muscle, which was one of my goals!

As an aside, the whole weight on the scale thing is an area that irks me a bit since so many women hold stock in their ‘number’ on the scale. I think the number is irrelevant  It’s the outcome on the outside that you’re really going after, a measurement, a shape etc. That’s my take.

The dreaded bathroom scale

It is just a number!!!     

Also, it’s important to note that it tends to be more difficult to lose weight in the winter months. Your body naturally wants to retain more fat to keep warm cause it’s smart like that! Where I live it’s still cold with snow everywhere, so I’m betting I will really lean out once we get some warmer weather! I’ll keep you posted.

Overall the month was a great success for me and I will be keeping up many of my new Paleo habits, like:

  • limited fruit intake
  • no snacking before bed
  • limited smoothies
  • more balanced meal construction (protein, fats and plenty of veggies)

I have been able to fuel my body with delicious foods over the past month…a few dud meals (that’s what happens when you try new things) and never compromising the pursuit of healthy eating.

For my fitness regime, I was at the gym 5 times a week, every week for this month. Weight training 3 times per week, Yoga and Spin class once each. This is a good balance for me, although once with weather improves I will most likely incorporate more running and walking into the mix since I like being outside, and Future Husband and I can do these things together!

I encourage you if you’re on a path to feel better and bring your body closer to it’s ideal weight to try out Paleo for 30 days, track your progress, and see what it can do for you!

I will continue to share recipes, hurdles and more on my journey of Paleo (and my wedding! in September.) The idea of fitting in that dress is a large source of motivation for me.

Have you tried a 30 health regime? Did it work for you?

xo BB

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