Days 16+17

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Well, this weekend has it’s first eating out hurdle…have to be honest, I was a wee bit stressed out about that. Let’s see how I did!

Day 16 (Saturday)

Breakfast: Hash with Chorizo sausage, green pepper, leek, zucchini and eggs. Yum Yum!

Breakfast Hash

I’m telling you, breakfast hash is the way to go!

Lunch: 2 locally made organic hot dogs (I shit you not, these were unreal!) and a bunch of raw veggies. Sorry, no hot dog pics. I was really excited.

Big Plate O'Veggies

Can’t complain about these options for lunch!

Dinner: Shepherds Pie, green salad with tomato, cucumber and lettuce

There were regular potatoes used for the Shepherds Pie, which are not ideal for Paleo, but I only ate a wee bit of it (cause it was seasoned so well) and ate mostly meat. I’m sure many aspects of this meal were not Paleo compliant, however I did the best I could given the situation. I wasn’t about to bring my own food to this event, and I had to be there early therefore couldn’t just eat ahead.

I know, excuses, excuses, but this is real life! And I made the most of the situation, and did not drink alcohol, juice or soda, did not have dessert, buns or any other options that were very obvious no nos. I was a pillar of self control, haha.

Day 17 (Sunday)

Breakfast: Kitchen Sink Hash – Sweet Potato, onion, chorizo sausage, orange pepper, zucchini  spinach and eggs. Major hit. Grating up the sweet potato makes like so much easier! IT cooks in a flash, absorbed the fats and flavors really nicely. Future Husband literally INHALED this breakfast – a very good sign.


Hash Extraordinaire

Can’t stress enough, this is a new weekend favourite.

I can’t get enough of these sausages I bought at a local meat place. I will for sure be back for more! The quality is second to none, and the value is waaayy better than the ‘naturals’ brand at the grocery store.

Lunch/Post Workout Snack: Leftover roast beets, leeks and asparagus with nitrate free ham. A couple carrots and some cucumber too.

To-Go Post workout meal

Post work out snack, still delish even though it’s cold :)

Dinner: Lettuce wrap Tacos with avocado and salsa. ( I cooked mushrooms, green pepper and onion with the hamburger AND made my own taco seasoning. Seriously, never buy that crap in the bag again. Here’s a link to the recipe I used)

Lettuce leaf tacos

I much prefer tacos in a lettuce wrap, still finger food minus the empty carbs!

Made a new fritatta tonight too for breakfasts for the next couple days, Italian sausage this time with spinach, kale, sweet potato, leek and orange pepper.I am confident it will be another amazing breakfast option, I actually can’t wait!

Weekend Successes:

-Ate out without compromising my Paleo March. Managed to hold off on dessert which isn’t easy when there’s 500 little chocolate cake things just waiting to be taken! (It was buffet style dinner @ the event I was MCing).

-Continuing to try new meals rather than reverting back to old faithfuls. I’m a creature of habit, so this is a success for me despite how lame it may sound.

-Feeling good!

I’ll be back in a couple :)

xo BB


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