The Importance Of Quality Make Up Brushes

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Let me open up this post by saying I am not terribly make-up savvy  more like a work in progress right now haha.

The wealth of knowledge that so many Make Up Guru YouTubers share have been like a Make-Up 101 for me, AND have provided a lot of useful reviews on products that work and don’t work, that partially why I’ve taken up blogging about stuff that I try out, kind of a giving back what I take if that makes sense…

I’ve been using an EcoTools brush set for the past year or so, but have been thinking I needed a proper crease and shadow brush. So when I stumbled upon a Real Techniques Starter Eye Kit at Walmart I felt very fortunate!

Real Techniques Starter Eye Brush Set

5 brushes for $27… can’t complain when they’re this kind of quality!

I have been using them (mostly the shadow and crease brush) for a couple weeks now, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE them! Super soft, clean up well, and pick up + apply shadows much better than my Eco Tools brushes would. I worry that the liner brush is going to be a bit too thick for my liking, but we shall see once I get a chance to use it.

I’ve noticed the Real Technique brushes are much cheaper to buy online, but when shipping from the States into Canada I don’t end up saving any… but if you’re in the US by all means order online!

What brushes do you use/recommend?

xo BB

PS – My Nail Polish in the above picture is MoMa by NYC 😉

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