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Hello! It’s been a while but I’m back with some fun reviews for you! Early in December I was fortunate to receive an Influenster Maple Vox Box with some goodies to try out and review over the holidays. **I received all these products complimentary from Influenster for review**

Influenster Maple Vox Box

Included in the Maple Vox Box was: A Montagne Jeunesse Red Clay fabric mask, Impression stick on nails, NYC Big Bold Curl Mascara in Black, NYC Big Bold Plumping Lipgloss in Big City Blush and 2 Skinny Cow Treats – the Clusters and a Wafer one.

First I’ll mention the Skinny Cow treats since I dove into those pretty quick lol. They were both delicious, made for a really nice pick me up in the afternoon or with lunch as a kind of ‘dessert’ with less guilt being VERY low fat and low calorie.

Skinny Cow Clusters Influenster Maple Vox Box


Above is one of them… I want to say each serving was around 120 calories (ie the whole snack). Although I thoroughly enjoyed them I will probably not purchase these because I’m not a fan of heavily processed foods… or low fat foods. I know! Kind of goes against popular belief that low fat is the way to a healthy lean lifestyle… but I firmly feel best when I’m incorporating healthy fats into my meals (ie Dairy, Meats, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, etc). Just being open about my personal preferences :)

Montagne Jeunesse Face Mask Red Clay Influenster


Next up – the luxurious face mask from Montagne Jeunesse infused with Clay, Pomegranate and Cinnamon. They are a company that proudly does NOT test on animals and seem to have a very natural approach to pampering your skin – which I am all for!

I will spare you the ghastly photo of me actually wearing the mask on my face… take my word for it, I used it! And managed to scare the shit out of my husband when he saw it in action… haha.

I cleansed my face first as instructed on the package with my Cetaphil face wash. I wore it for approx. 10 minutes while I used a deep conditioner in my hair in the shower. After taking off the mask I actually squeezed out some of the clay/product from it and massaged  it into my face and neck then rinsed.

The mask promises a DEEP CLEAN, and that’s exactly how my skin felt after. Soft, clean without being dried out.


Easy to apply to face/wear since it’s a fabric face mask

Natural Ingredients, no animal testing

Pleasant smell, results as promised


Doesn’t include the neck area

I kind of like masks that dry up when they’re finished, makes me FEEL like it’s done something… this is really more of a psychological preference

Overall Thoughts: Would definitely purchase again as a treat for my skin!

NEXT UP: The NYC Beauty Products!


I was most excited about these products since they are MAKE UP! Woohoo!

The mascara: Does it make my lashes look longer and fuller? Yes. Does it flake off during the day? No. Does it create a dramatic look? No.

I found the brush to be a bit difficult to work with… sorry I don’t have a photo, but it has quite long bristles, is curved. A more wet formula, any more than 2 coats is really a waste of time because that’s about as far as you’ll get. For the price though, it’s a fantastic option from the drugstore and works really well when pair with some of my drier mascaras to build a more dramatic look!

NYC Big Bold Look Influenster

Here’s a photo of my using the NYC Big Bold Mascara and the NYC Big Bold Plumping Lipgloss in Big City Blush

For the Lipgloss, this might be my favorite product from the entire Vox Box. Over my natural lip colour it gives a beautiful pink flush with dimension thanks to the high lass/glitter factor. It has a slightly tingly effect, minty smell. Not painful at all to wear, not particularly plumping but really beautiful, and LOTS of product! Average lasting power, not very sticky but very comfortable to wear. I would highly recommend this product, it performs as well or better than many other more expensive glosses I own. And again, hard to beat the price point of about $2.99! I’ve heard some of their other colours are VERY pigmented, so I may venture and try some others :)

NYC Big Bold Look Influenster


Another shot of my Big Bold NYC Look!

The last item in the Maple Vox Box is a set of Impress press on manicure nails in the zany neon yellow, orange and purple bubble pattern. If they were a plain colour or more everyday work appropriate I would have given them a test run by now… however they are FAR from everyday appropriate so I’ll hold off on trying them. I love the concept, the colours just aren’t me.

Have you tried any of these products? What are your thoughts? I’m excited to venture into more NYC beauty products now that I’ve seen there’s sometime to them!

xo Britt


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