L’Oreal MysteryBox from Influenster

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I am so pleased to be a part of the Influenster #MysteryBox I wanted to share the first part of this journey which has been working our really well for me :)

Influenster mysterybox l'oreal


These Shampoo, Conditioner and Split End Serum samples were sent to me by Influenster to test out, and try to guess what name/make of what I’ve been using to soothe my dry damaged hair. (the packaging says it’s for distressed, damaged hair, and it’s a L’Oreal company, they own dozens of brands)

Influenster Mystery VoxBox


Here is a photo of my hair after the first use of these products (and a bit of KMS Volumizing Gel). I would have taken a before photo but it wouldn’t have been a fair comparison since it was SO DIRTY. (I only was my hair every 3 days).

I noticed a definite improvement in the texture and look of my hair, it felt softer and healthier after using the mystery product – and this also translated well into the actual look of my hair.

I have used these a second time, and I can safely say there is even more of an improvement in the texture of my hair – I am really happy to be testing out these hair products!

My guess to what they are on the shelves – part of the L’oreal Professional hair care line, maybe called deep repair? L’Oreal owns several brands so it could even be Kerestase, Redken, Pureology, Garnier, Matrix or others.

The shampoo is most likely NOT sulphite free since it did lather really well… I will be thrilled if I’m wrong because I prefer to use sulphite free shampoos to prolong the colour of my dyed hair.

The conditioner is SO THICK, it reminds me of a hair mask…and I love it! All the products have a pleasant smell too. I will be sure to update you when the ‘Mystery Box’ is solved!

Be sure to comment if you think you know what this product is!

xo Britt

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