Joe Fresh Mini-Haul

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Well, I was at Superstore yesterday for groceries, prescription etc. I needed to sneak into the beauty department to pick up a new top coat… which never ends well.

The Spring Joe Fresh jewelry was in, and of course I found myself holding back from being one of everything. I ended up with these:

Joe Fresh Haul

3 Eyeshadows, 3 sets of earrings. A good exercise of self control if I do say so myself.

I was really happy about the top studs being half off, great colours AND will add a little punch to the lighter, spring looks on the way. I waivered on the bottom set of earrings in store because of their size, I have some flower earring already from Aldo in red and black, and I rarely wear them because they stand out so much… and make my head look round IMO. These guys aren’t quite as big though, and look so darn cute! They are my pseudo fashion risk for this season. HA! God I sound lame.

Also, note that all the earrings are studs. I definitely favor studs because a) they work wither your hair is up or down. b) my occupations requires me to wear headphones for 4 hours a day, so hanging earrings can be a bit of a hazard for me. And also because I like to play it safe… which I need to stop doing so much. Maybe you fall in the same trap, so hopefully some stuff I share along the way will inspire you to get outside your comfort zone too!

ANYWAY, I will try to post some OOTDs (Outfit of the day) for you that incorporate my mini haul.

Onto the eyeshadows!

Joe Fresh Eye Shadows

3 for 10 – why the hell not?! Pale Pink, Sugar and Dusty Rose

I’ve had some luck with other Joe Fresh make-up, like the lip pencils, lipstick and lip gloss. I feel like it’s along the same lines quality wise as Rimmel and Maybelline, even better in some respects. The price is right for sure but no sense in making up your entire collection via Joe Fresh. You need some more pigmented staples by MAC, Urban Decay, etc so you’re good to go.

Joe Fresh Haul

Here’s a swatch of the colours, top (nearly invisible) is Pale Pink, middle Sugar, bottom Dusty Rose

Again, not very pigmented BUT… I like them! They are perfect for an everyday look IMO. The shadows have a slight pearly-ness to them, but not so much that you look like you’re ready to enter a pageant  I’m pretty weary of glittery eyeshadows all together, they have they’re place for special occasions. I tested out the Pale Pink before going to a friend’s house for a movie:

Joe Fresh Eyeshadow

A terrible photo of me wearing the Pale Pink. You can see how subtle it is… and how disinterested I am at that particular moment…

I’ll try to have photos that are a step up from a mug shot of the other 2 this week.

Also, we watched the movie Lawless. I’m normally not into ‘Western’ style movies, but this one was SO GOOD. Gary Oldman even snuck in there, which made my day. It’s the little things, right?

I forgot to mention the nail polish I picked up!

Joe Fresh Nail Polish

What a deal, and it goes with the pinks in the earrings I picked up!

It required 3 coats of polish to achieve the look of the product in the bottle (if that makes sense?). Pretty thin, but most colours like this are.

Tip: Be exacting about your coverage on every. god. damn. coat you have to put on, or else it’s going to look wonky near the cuticles/edges.

Joe Fresh Nail Polish

The finished look!

The colour is called, Pointe FYI. And the top coat I chose was from L’Oreal – Top of the Line. On sale as well, tried and true for this chicka.

Until next time….

xo BB



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