Brow Gel Cheat!

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It’s a battle for most ladies (and some men!) to keep eyebrows in place… myself included. I’ve heard a lot of positive talk in the beauty community about Great Lash Clear Mascara as an easy, cheap and great way to keep brows put after filling them in… however I thought there must be something in my mass of hair/make up supplies that will do the trick, and I think I’ve found it!

Hair Wax!

Garnier Fructis Hair Wax

This is a frugal glam girls secret to great brows.

It’s Garnier Fructis Shine Hair Wax, and I got the idea when I saw a YouTube video on brows that mentioned wax… and an alarm went off! I used to have shorter hair and used more waxes and pomades to style my hair… but now only use them to tame flyaways in updos, etc. But recently I have found this works really well for my brows.

Garnier Fructis Hair Wax

This is what the product looks like… literally a lifetime of brow wax!

Once I have a compact of eyeshadow single that runs out I’ll put a small amount of wax in there to use on an everyday basis since dipping into this jar can be a little tricky at times. I use the brush pictured below to apply the wax to my brows.

Brow Brush

This is the brow brush from a well loved Rimmell brow pencil, it does the trick!

This is the Rimmel Professional Brow Pencil is in Hazel 002, great colour for my brows… I’ve been loving my ELF Brow Kit lately though so I save the pencil for when I’m in a hurry (or feeling lazy haha). A mascara wand type brush would also be perfect, I plan on using the wand from my L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara once I finish it up. (As an aside, it’s a FANTASTIC mascara if you havn’t tried it… holy grail in my books)

Here’s what my brows look like after I use the wax:

Finished Brows!

Not too bad! They need a little maintinece… but they don’t look greasy or geled

What do you use to tame your brows? Let me know if you tried this and how it worked for you :)

xo BB

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